At bluedoor Publishing, our motto–”Small publishing done big”–sums up our publishing philosophy. Our goal is to provide our authors with all the benefits of a larger publisher, but with the personal touch and feel of a smaller publisher.

Our team of professionals offers individualized publishing support to all of our academic authors. Taking such a personal approach lends itself well to the developing, publishing, and marketing support that our authors have come to appreciate.

Over the years, our authors have shared with us why they have chosen to bypass the other publishers and work with us. Here is what they have said:

  • Our friendly and professional team of designers, consulting editors, and illustrators allow us to meet your “big” publishing needs in a small publishing environment.
  • Access to our high-quality and integrated database of content that can be customized or used as-is to meet your specific needs.
  • Affordable pricing for your students.
  • A unique, community-based offering of content for you to access.
  • The ability to have any of your questions be they editorial, production, financial, or marketing, answered in a timely, straight-forward manner.
  • Strong professional alliances with media companies, content providers, and printers of both digital and off-set printing that all serve to enhance your publication.

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Phone: 800-979-1624 x 111

Fax: 952-934-4269


10949 Bren Rd. E.

Minneapolis, MN 55343


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